I can not thank Diane enough for all the help she gave me during an extremely difficult time towards the end of my dog Jaspers journey. She provided me with answers when it seemed there were none, compassion and support when I needed it, and made an incomparable difference in the quality of life Jasper lived until his last day. She came up with suitable meal plans, stimulation exercises, bonding experiences and natural alternatives to dangerous medications he was prescribed. She gave me access to contact her whenever I needed to ask questions, no matter how small or seemingly ridiculous they were and was extremely patient and sympathetic to the nature of our problem. Visiting the farm was a spiritual experience in itself. There is something very special about that place, and Diane herself. You will be hard pressed to find another person who truly cares, first and foremost about the animals, but you as well. She listens intently to every word you say, shares her suggestions without being forceful, and basically maps out a total care plan for you to follow. The health, happiness and love she helped me bring into Jasper’s world was unimaginable. I recommend all of Diane’s services to anyone with a dog, whether it be diet and food help, aquatic therapy, reiki, massage techniques, natural/holistic approaches or simply walking through the serene trails on the property. Anyone open to a meaningful positive experience for their dog will not be disappointed.


Kristen Hudson