white feather farm

supporting Natural Orders and Right Relationships


White Feather Farm is a naturopathic retreat and working farmstead dedicated to supporting Right Relations between All Beings. Without relationship, nothing can exist in its natural and Sacred Order. Here, we do not separate life from Spirit. Nature and the Animals have taught this to us - reminding us of our inner power, our life force, which has the ability to move us forward with clear intention, self-reliance and unlimited vision.

We believe the animals and Nature hold Medicine that is needed now and for the future. They are in constant dialogue with us if we learn how to listen.  There is evidence, that long ago on earth, every living thing was able to be in rational correspondence with everything else. They speak of a need for healing and remembering our Ancient Partnership. They teach us about Order, Respect, and Natural Law. They remind us how to heal via Ritual, the Elements and the Silent rhythm of Life.


 dedicated to right relations 

We offer a variety of services, educational workshops, retreats and individual therapies for people and canines, and the expansive nature of this relationship.  Because of the importance of this work, are are offering limited private sessions. Looking forward, the farm will be placed in conservancy, allowing a continually evolving model for co-existence.


upcoming workshops and seminars