My husband and I were told by two different veterinarians that our 3 year old male Airedale Terrier was too heavy and needed to lose weight. Unfortunately, they insisted on highlighting the issue with no real solution other than, just trying to cut down on his kibble. We did blood work, all normal. We hiked and jogged with Quincey and he tried to keep up, but we noticed he would get tired easily when playing with the other dogs and his weight crept up to 101lbs suffice to say, we were gravely concerned about his welfare and longevity. I attended a seminar and met Diane Mayer, after which we connected, so began the journey for Quincey who is now down to 88lbs in just three months! Through working with Diane, we learned the value of feeding Quincey whole food, we visit White Feather Farm frequently where Diane works with us not only on nutrition but also bonding and ‘working’ which has helped Quincey’s disposition greatly.

Bottom line is that working with Diane proved so much more valuable on so many deeper levels of bonding that nutrition and weight loss was merely the tip of the iceberg. I highly recommend White Feather Farm and the work Diane does. It has made such a huge difference in the health of our amazing dog and given us such a deep respect for the human animal bond.


Kristen Hudson