I was referred to Diane by my vet at a very serious time in my dog, Lucky’s life. He had been diagnosed with bone cancer and from my research I knew it was a losing battle but I wanted to do what I could. Not only did Diane advise me on how to give Lucky a better quality of life, she helped me to look at my time with him and my other remaining dogs in a different light. I came to appreciate the term “Living in the moment” as dogs do. Two months and 1 day after Lucky crossed over, Sadie was diagnosed with the same beast of a disease. Right away I had scheduled a visit with Diane to better understand what Sadie needed as each dog is different. I always considered myself as being “In tune” with my dogs but Diane brought me to another level with Sadie. I now try to reach out and use Diane’s talent and services to keep my dogs healthy and not just in times of crisis. She has such a calming, nurturing way with your dog but with the human as well.


Kristen Hudson