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Seasonal Cultivation : Awakening of Insects

Wednesday, March 6th, is the start of the Awakening of Insects seasonal node, the third node of the year. This is the next segment of Spring, and although over the last two weeks weather has been particularly chilly, we're starting to see buds setting on trees. During Awakening of Insects we undo stress and strain. The mental pattern associated with Spring, is anger. If you are prone to anger it is suggested to begin a contemplative practice to provide balance.

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Seasonal Cultivation : Rain Water

 Tuesday February 19th, was the beginning of the second seasonal node of the new-year and the new Spring –“Rain Water.”  We’ve been experiencing rain, snow - mix of both, typical of this time of year. Thus true to the name of the node, there is more moisture in the environment. During Rain Water the expansion of Yang in the natural environment continues. So, while days can still be cold, we are definitely experiencing up and down in temperatures.

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Seasonal Cultivation : The Beginning of Spring  

This time of year, the Beginning of Spring, is when the Yang influences are growing in the natural world. By now we are only about 6 weeks away from the Vernal Equinox , one of the times of year where the Yang and Yin are balanced and we have more equal day and night. Even with cooler weather lingering the days are getting longer and the songbirds are singing earlier in the morning.  The increased activities in the natural world are also reflected in the names of the shorter 5 day segments that make up Beginning of Spring – The East Wind Liberates From Icy Shackles, Hibernating Insects Begin to Stir, and Fish Rise Up to the Ice.

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