Workshop : Keeping your Dog Happy & Healthy 4/28



When you think about how many decisions you make for your dog/s every day, you quickly realize how much you influence the quality of their lives. With so many positive and simple options available, why wouldn’t you want the best, most natural and easiest ones on hand?

One of my current cases is a Mastiff named Tonka.  He reminds me of how much there is to learn by connecting with others.  Please bring any and all experiences, concerns, confusions, and stories, all are welcome!

Raising the Consciousness for our Animal Friends is key this year. I am honored to offer this workshop on Saturday, April 28th in honor of them. We begin with their physical well-being, then travel through all aspects of their Nature.  We find out how to connect with their intricate abilities to communicate, and why they hold such presence in our lives.  You will leave this workshop with a  exceptional sense of how to care for your dog in every aspect of their lives.