Natural Cycles : Timothy Hay Update

Remember the little green sprouts from 7 weeks ago?  Take a look now, and we are on our third harvest! Chickens, baby Chicks, and our rabbits have been eating well this spring, They literally jump and shriek when they see me arrive with the basket.

What the photo doesn’t show is the fine and complex root system.   How well it holds the soil and feeds it, especially during all this rain.   Not sure how the inhabitants of these tiny cottages feel about the verdant growth, but i do know they’ve requested we plant something fun and colorful on their rooftop!

This shade of green IS Spring - it also provides our body with nourishment simply by our eyes taking in the color. Traditional Chinese Medicine suggests that we open our eyes as wide as we can when we are surrounded by this color of green.  This in itself supports the body mind and Spirit.

NatureDiane Mayer