Winter Solstice Event with Andrea Largent


There is Magick in this World And Spirits Everywhere.  Who is where? And Who does what?   

In this magickal kingdom, Earth, there are Spirits & Beings of physical body and Spirits and Beings without body present. The worlds of non-physical reality hold our fascination. Who are they? What do they do? Who is where? And why? And what happens on this day we call the "Winter Solstice"?  What spirits are around then?  Join into this invitation to be curious, bring questions, and find some answers as you discover who you might want to become more connected to: guides, angels, fairies, nature spirits, elementals, dragons and unicorns, deities, ancestors – all are welcome, and all are willing to share with you.   

Friday, December 21, 2018 

Winter Solstice 

10:30 am to 12:30 pm at The White Feather Farm 

$75 Per Person

$25 of which are devoted to White Feather Farm  and the work it holds for all of us. | | 610-513-2757 

To register, email Andrea Largent to reserve your spot receive a payment link. 

As a practitioner, Andrea Bosbach Largent holds a Masters in Family Systems, Social Work, and Holistic Healing. She has been a Facilitator & Trainer of Constellations since 1992 in Europe, Canada and the United States. Her trademarked Geno-Chart-Process™ permits therapists of all modalities to incorporate Ancestral Dynamics into their practices. In addition to her clinical training, Andrea brings with her abilities of MediumShip, allowing Spirit Clearings, including Ancestral Spirit or Curse Unravelings, to occur.  

Thank you.   

Andrea & Diane