Advanced Canine Health

Advanced Canine Health


Advanced Canine Health 

A New Way of Seeing Your Dog’s LIfe

Saturday October 19, 2019 | 10-2 | $65

Hosted at White Feather Farm

321 Bucktoe Road, Avondale PA

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One of the most powerful things we can do to improve our dog’s health, and our own for that matter, is to change our concept of what’s possible.  

Real health comes from within.

First, we need to adopt a new model or vision.  

Second, we need to understand that dogs are complex, vital and every changing sentient beings, just like us.  They need a diverse approach to their life and health that integrates all of life’s dimensions.

Third, we need to initiate higher levels of health practices suited not only for the dog as a species, but for each individual being, and treat them as an individual.  We also need to go beyond diet, drug medications, and resorting immediately to invasive therapies.   We need to build skills for excellent health in a stressful and demanding world.

Let your dog be your guide, as you engage your own intelligences and intuition, making choices that support and sustain a good life.

Join us for this Introductory Forum as we begin a series of workshops covering a wide range of topics, in-depth discussions, and participate in creating more advanced and holistic options for  canine healthcare, and understanding the human-canine relationship.

The series, will focus on specific topics, allowing more detail, time for discussion, and sharing.

I will pay close attention to what comes up during the Introduction, keeping in mind this is an enormous road we will be traveling, and see what patterns emerge as we continue to explore.

To open, my dogs, Anouk and Noodle, will assist us as we begin. Throughout the year we will invite specific dogs either in person or through their stories to aid us in understanding who they are, what they request, and how they may call on us to explore within ourselves.

I will also introduce you to something I’ve been working on that is near and dear to me.

Sacred Dying - Sacred Death - A Holistic Approach to your Animal’s Death.

**As much as I would love to meet all of your dogs, we are better able to focus without them. 

They have a way of stealing the show, our hearts, and distracting us into all sorts of fun play!