In order to really enjoy a dog, one doesn’t merely train him to be semi-human.
The point of it, is to open oneself to the possibility of becoming partly a dog.
— Edward Hoagland

And this is what I did. I opened myself to dogs. It’s a very long, very old story that I will summarize efficiently, for as they remind me, life is short - go live it. Animals and nature were the first place I could feel myself. Being with humans was difficult, draining.  So I kept going back to where I felt connected, the feeling that made me come alive. Studying dogs, led me to study wolves. The wolves introduced me to Native Societies, and this is when a distinct, overwhelming memory...woke me up.

The Native Elders spoke with the animals as their brothers and sisters. They held them as vital teachers, messengers, and guides for the health of their tribes and communities. The animals in turn relate to the other Nature Kingdoms, the interweaving of these kingdoms teach about balance, structure and order.  This is a small part of what I bring back to White Feather Farm.

I bow first and foremost to the canid family. They have led me back to the humans, full circle, teaching me the primordial awareness that resides in all of us. I was told that I am bridge for the animals, It is my hope that I can help others remember this Old Partnership, and the powerful key it holds for human healing.

canine consultations

Consultations are available either in your home or here at the farm. Location will depend on the nature of the consultation. It is very important for me to engage with the dog/s and family in person. I do not separate conditions, I view the canine and their family as a whole. Since I am usually in the water or out in the field I do not use my phone during appointments. I will return your mail or call after I have assisted my clients. 

Please email to schedule your consultation, Once a consultation is booked, a time and space are prepared for your consultation, therefore there are no refunds.

canine warm water therapies

Warm water therapy is the heart of our spa. The atmosphere is nurturing, natural, safe, and designed entirely with natural elements. Water can be of tremendous benefit for dogs with anxiety, behavioral imbalances, stress, or just excess energy that needs to be channeled. It also supports the beautiful and delicate time of aging, trauma recovery, and last swims before transitioning to Spirit. For our canine clients the water temperature varies from 85-96 degrees depending on the type of therapy your dog requires. Most importantly, we invested in equipment that cleans the water entirely by light and oxygen. We do not use any chemicals, chlorine or salt in our pool for the healthiest, safest and most natural experience.

Swims also include a hike if the client is able, and their human has the time. The farm is fenced, allowing for off-leash exercise. Adjacent to the pool is a fenced pasture. This area provides a safe and natural place for evaluation, pre or post swim session adventure, and time for rest before leaving.

Sessions are private, quiet, and calm, they can also be fun, challenging and a real work out for our younger and more intense swimmers. We supply towels, treats, you are welcome to bring favorite toys for pool fun. We encourage people to join their dog in the pool, if this will assist with a better session, and allows a space for optimal healing.

Please email or call 302-428-0809 to schedule your consultation or session then submit your exchange here. Once booked, your consultation is final sale with no refunds. 

clean, green and state of the art. Our pool is cleaned naturally by light and oxygen with zero chemicals, salt or chlorine, so it is safe for animals and people as well as those with allergies and sensitivities. 


assisting veterinary medicine

With Human and Veterinary Medicine continually being redefined, it is important to remember that the act of caring is the first true step in the Power to Heal. Recognizing the level of care and compassion required in The Medicine Fields, we see a need to provide a Space that invites Healing. Each and every family you care for, each animal who’s life you touch, becomes a part of you.  

We can only hold so much. Eventually we need to stop, make time where there is no time, and remember who we are and why we do what we do. We invite you to explore and enjoy the complimentary services we offer to those who give of themselves to heal others. Please feel free to contact the farm for more details.  Services are tailored to each individual/group and what they may need to restore and renew. We welcome you here to White Feather Farm, knowing that the more people heal, the more the animals heal.


Our farm welcomes you to come explore and enjoy!  

  • To ensure good arrivals and departures we ask that you arrive on time. If you do get here a bit early you will most likely find that the entrance gate will be closed. Please stay in your vehicle and someone will come to open the gate and greet you. This is simply for the safety of all dogs and people as some of our clients are very vulnerable due to injuries and have just had surgery.
  • Your dog should exit your vehicle on lead until we determine how our session will begin.  
  • Please wear clothing that can get muddy, wet, can walk through water if need be, and allows you to be comfortable for a period of time outdoors.  
  • If your dog is coming for water therapy please do not feed a regular sized meal prior to our session, the lighter the belly the better.  
  • We ask that you do not apply flea or tick medications within 5 days of your appointment. Studies show that the chemicals can leach into the water and onto the therapist and other dogs.
  • We do supply towels for swim sessions, but it is not a bad idea to have one if you come to hike. Sometimes the dogs find all sorts of fun to get into and need a rub down before they leave the farm.
  • We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Please call for scheduling and availability. More detail can be discussed prior to your visit, or feel free to send an email with any questions you may have regarding your visit.* pricing may vary due to location,  travel time, and conditions of a session.