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The Sacred El's with Andrea Largent

The Sacred Elements: Water, Earth, Air, Fire and Sacred Space are teachers to humans, and the world at large. And we can tap into their teachings through inner journeys, meditations, visualizations, spirit connections, and of course: the actual element in its natural habitat. Hence this series meets at a farm holding The Sacred El’s alive for humans and animals: White Feather Farm.

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Winter Solstice Event with Andrea Largent

In this magickal kingdom: Earth, there are Spirits & Beings of physical body and Spirits and Beings without body present. The worlds of non-physical reality hold our fascination. Who are they? What do they do? Who is where? And why?  And what happens on this day we call the "Winter Solstice"?   What spirits are around then?    Join us Friday, December 21st at 10:30am to be curious, bring questions, and find some answers as you discover who you might want to become more connected to: guides, angels, fairies, nature spirits, elementals, dragons and unicorns, deities, ancestors – all are welcome, and all are willing to share with you.

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Astronote: Independence and Interrelatedness

If you’ve had an odd week, you’re not alone. And this weekend focused the elements of that oddness. By weekend, I mean March 31st and April 1st - we know Sunday was April Fools Day, because it snowed in the Northeast (into Monday, no less). What’s up? This: a full moon Saturday in Aries and Libra, with Mercury retrograde sitting next to the Sun, wondering what the heck is going on. Our good friend Chris Largent explains.

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