In-Home Consultation

In-Home Consultation


Coming to your home, I am able to understand your dog's environment, family (human and non-human), your dog's behavior - which is always different in the "home". Clients unable to be transported, due to health, recent surgery, or fear of the car, require in-home visits as well. Many of my behavioral consultations are based in the home because of territorial issues or the inability to live harmoniously within the family system.  Like Farm Consultations, we will set up a phone call prior to scheduling your appointment to determine the best approach for your dog. During the phone call, we will discuss your concerns and reasons for scheduling the consultation.  After speaking with you on the phone we can decide if an in-home visit is appropriate. In-Home sessions generally last 60-90 minutes.

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Please email or call 302-428-0809 to schedule your consultation or session then submit your exchange here. Once booked, your consultation is final sale with no refunds. 


Our farm welcomes you to come explore and enjoy!  

  • To ensure good arrivals and departures we ask that you arrive on time.  If you do get here a bit early you will most likely find that the entrance gate will be closed.  Please stay in your vehicle and someone will come to open the gate and greet you.  This is simply for the safety of all dogs and people as some of our clients are very vulnerable due to injuries and have just had surgery.
  • Your dog should exit your vehicle on lead until we determine how our session will begin.  
  • Please wear clothing that can get muddy, wet, can walk through water if need be, and allows you to be comfortable for a period of time outdoors.  
  • If your dog is coming for water therapy please do not feed a regular sized meal prior to our session, the lighter the belly the better.  
  • We ask that you do not apply flea or tick medications within 5 days of your appointment. Studies show that the chemicals can leach into the water and onto the therapist and other dogs.
  • We do supply towels for swim sessions, but not a bad idea to have one if you come to hike, sometimes the dogs find all sorts of fun to get into and need a rub before they leave the farm.
  • We accept cash, checks and all major credit cards.

Please call for scheduling and availability. More detail can be discussed prior to your visit, or feel free to send an email with any questions you may have regarding your visit.* pricing may vary due to location,  travel time, and conditions of a session.