Diane Mayer works with The Elements, the Animals and the Natural World. She began her studies in 1980, recalling her connection that was recognized at 3 years old. These studies have taken her across the globe to apprentice with modern experts and indigenous healers. Her work integrates a range of Spiritual, Scientific, Medicinal, and Nature-based practices, which she offers to both Human and Non-Human Animals. She currently lives and works on the farm, with deepest gratitude to be of service.



  • Canine Natural Rearing
  • Canine Massage
  • Advanced Canine Massage
  • Canine Energy Work
  • Canine Warm Water Therapy
  • Trans-Species Psychology
  • Human Massage-Multiple modalities
  • Karuna Reiki

Extensive Study

  • Wolf behavior and Ecology
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Asian Food Theory
  • Canine Acupressure
  • Canine Physical Therapy
  • Animal Communication
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Stone Medicine
  • Small Animal Naturopathy
  • Vibrational Soul Medicine - Suren Shrestha - Nepalese Traditional Medicine
  • Student of Malidoma Some, (author, PhD, West African Shaman) - Grief, Ritual, Elemental Study


A place of honor resides here for Juliette de Bairclai Levy. I will be forever indebted for her teachings of Alternative Veterinary Herbal Medicine, her nomadic way of life, dedicated to canine health and the ethical treatment of all animals.

Also to Cindy Horsfall of La Paw Spa, Sequim WA. Cindy has been a profound teacher, mentor, and guider of Spirit for my work in the water with both people and animals. She literally moved my life purpose. Her energy and devotion provided a level of incomparable excellence and guides my work everyday.

Diane and her husband Rob own Delaware Pet Cremation in Wilmington Delaware. Helping families through the loss of their beloved animals is a honor of the highest place. A place of respect for the healing interactions of the physical, emotional, mental, and Spirit bodies across the species.