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Late Summer/Earth 

“Earth” is the name the Chinese give to the energy of late Summer. Late Summer is the season of the Harvest. The gathering in of all that has been produced the rest of the year. As such it is correlated with nourishment and abundance, a time when grains are reaped and fruits are pieced in preparation for winter. It is a golden time of contentment and security, of basking in the flow of achievement and satisfaction. The energy of Earth is that of rich ripe stillness.

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August Break

During the remainder of the month of August, the Farm will be closed, so we will not be offering sessions or appointments with Diane during the month of August. If you choose to book an appointment, please understand that sessions will be scheduled upon Diane's return after September 3rd. Diane will have limited internet access during the time she is away, so emails, orders and inquiries will be handled upon her return after Labor Day. We thank you for your patience and understanding, and look forward to connecting with you in September!

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Seasonal Cultivation : Spring  

As we are closer to the Spring Equinox and the traditional Western start of Spring, we start to see lots of green sprouting everywhere. But Spring starts much earlier than we may realize, and even Spring has mini-season's within her that are truly remarkable little periods where Nature is waking up and ready for brand new beginnings!

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